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Together we create a fast, accurate data collection analysis and management system to visualize your real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPI).


Revolutionary Solutions. Built out of necessity.

We know the most important information in a shop is what comes from the people on the shop floor. We recognize extracting that information can be a difficult, daunting and disruptive task. Our core product, Revolution, creates an integrated, automated repository for knowledge – a powerful approach that eliminates Tribal knowledge by capturing and integrating raw machine data, intelligence and standard machining practices. Whether it’s the steps taken to make an expensive part or how to solve an issue on the floor, we’ve got you covered.

Revolution IIoT

IIoT Core

Our IIoT solution goes beyond other machine monitoring solutions. We couple human intelligence with raw machine data and let a network of insight be born. Revolution IIoT provides a unique level of intelligence allowing you to improve your processes, programs, tools, machines and team. The platform is completely scalable based on your shop size, needs and goals. And best of all, it was designed from the ground up to be a platform for Integration by the best System Integrators in Manufacturing!


Our Inspection Procedures application allows a simple web-based solution for creating First Article Inspection Procedures. The result is an easily accessible repository for all first article inspection results on ever part in your shop. This provides simple solution to organize and record valuable data that provides long term insight into the Quality your company can deliver.

Setup Sheets

Setup Sheets provide step-by-step instructions of how to process any part through an operation. Our solution is modern, organized and easy to access – making this critical part of the manufacturing process simple to master. The easier this documentation is to navigate, search and understand, the quicker your shop teammates get critical jobs running.

  • Revolution IIoT Core

    Revolution IIoT Core

  • Revolution Inspection

    Revolution Inspection

  • Revolution Setup Sheets

    Revolution Setup Sheets

Our services create a different reality --
with a better outcome.

You have a tight schedule to keep for making parts and your company can't afford to be bottlenecked, waiting for the infamous "Version 8.0" of your current system that's been promised for years. That's why we offer our development skills and shop-floor knowledge that keeps your digital systems up-to-date and running efficiently. Today’s industry is constantly evolving. To keep up in today's global market, shouldn't your software evolve with the company? We think so.

Custom Data Driven Solutions

TAMS development team provides your company with unique solutions and equally unique software with integrated custom databases that drive modern web-based software applications, simple standard desktop solutions and everything in between. Our developers have spent their entire careers in manufacturing, with experience in providing both SaaS and On-Premise custom solutions for exclusive projects.


ERP and MRP software is powerful, however it’s more powerful when the data is harnessed and integrated with Tool Management, Quality/Inspection, CAD/CAM Systems or when there’s bi-directional communications between other applications you rely on. Imagine if that data integration is automatic? No more data dumps, excel spreadsheets, manually exporting and compiling data from these systems constantly repeating these time-consuming processes that take away from your bottom line. Harness the data, make it accessible, integrate it and make it work for you. We are experts at this.

Tool Management

Most would agree Tool Management Software is invaluable in a shop and yet, cumbersome to implement and difficult to fully integrate the data with existing systems. We have worked to change this by incorporating the data from these systems with CAD/CAM, ERP, Presetters, Inspection Machines, Storage Systems, cost/accounting software, estimation software and many more.


In our experience, NC programmers often have their own libraries of data – material data, tool data, machine data, geometric tolerance data, quality data, part data; critical data points they rely on every single day to make decisions to create parts effectively and efficiently. The problem begins when the data they have is not shared throughout your shop, causing inconsistent results. The problem is expounded if that data walks out the door and leaves you to feel as if you are constantly “re-inventing the wheel.” True Analytics provides a solution to this nightmare with our CAD/CAM integration experience which allows your data to be more accessible, shared, automatic and in a safe, secure repository.

Machine Data

The impact of IIoT (Industry 4.0) on manufacturing is in its infancy. Our Machine Data service goes beyond Utilization and OEE – we use the data to solve real manufacturing problems. Our solutions are substantially more comprehensive and more targeted at identifying and fixing your problems than any solution currently available. Before TAMS was established, our developers, side-by-side with machinists, programmers and management, created custom IIoT solutions in shops, to solve their individual shop problems. Now, as a team, TAMS is doing it better and we are doing it as a Team of Industry and Software experts.

Quality Systems

Our approach is streamlined to plan and execute inspections; our quality systems provide granular visibility into any non-conforming parts and features. The centralized database integrates your inspection records and opens the door to many advanced search capabilities, reporting, and analytics with the rest of the Revolution ecosystem. Developed and tested by actual quality inspectors, this system replaces and reduces existing systems.

About Us.

TAMS was created to fill a void between independent software systems in the manufacturing industry. Recognizing how some in-house developers in various shops were developing similar, custom solutions on their own, the founders saw an opportunity for a Revolutionary idea. Combining their own skills with the help of a few more like-minded, industry leaders, True Analytics Manufacturing Solutions was brought together to build Revolution – a system focused on eliminating tribal knowledge and using “big data” principals to identify and solve problems on the shop floor. And now, from stand-alone solutions, to custom software services, we deliver our best in software development to help your company grow.

We have worked in the medical, DoD, aerospace and automotive manufacturing sectors for a combined +45 years. During this time, we've experienced firsthand the struggles of making parts on time, to-specification, and efficiently. Not to mention, trying to get the systems in place to just work. Because of our time on the floor, we’ve KNOWN the necessity to eliminate "Tribal Knowledge," improve processes, and provide more visibility to the shop floor.

We partner with manufacturers to make your operations more efficient.

Our products are more advanced than others, because we’ve created them to populate your company’s data in the system by day-to-day operations. It’s an easy, trustworthy process and it works automatically, helping to make your company’s natural work flow more efficient.

We want your employees to experience a new, better way, so we partner with our clients - empowering them to think collectively, to be more efficient, transparent, and competitive within their specific industry sector. We put our customers first, and promote team collaboration by driving innovation in the continuous pursuit of excellence.





You'll be the hero of the shop!

We understand there are hurdles associated with implementing new software - from the cost of the application, to internal IT support, internal training, and customizations. We know your employee's time spent on learning the application leaves new orders at risk of being delayed. It's for these reasons, when you purchase our product(s), you get our leading experts to guide you and your team through learning the application(s) - keeping your company up and running as efficiently as possible and saving your company time and money in the long run. Our goal is to help you learn the applications easily and become an "expert" on them in your own company so you may continue to lead your team to success.


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