Revolutionary Solutions

Built out of necessity

Revolution IIoT™

more than just machine metrics.

  • Machine Monitoring with MTConnect®
  • Integration Platform
  • Knowledge Center
  • Historical records of:
    • Programs
    • Tools
    • Processes
  • Process Improvement

  • Troubleshoot crashes or part discrepencies with our Program Map
  • Communicate critical information immediately with Code Annotations and Process Improvement requests
  • Automatically identify possible program/tool improvements
  • Solve problems with powerful engineering tools
  • Get the most of your digital transformation by integrating:
    • Tool Management Systems
    • CAD / CAM
    • Quality
    • ERP

Revolution IIoT Core™ was built by machinists and tooling engineers, and we are tinkerers at heart. As system integrators in aerospace, defense, and local job shop environments, we expected the most out of other solutions. We designed IIoT Core, out of necessity, to give everybody more!.

Revolution IIoT Core
Revolution IIoT Core

Revolution Process Documentation

more than just setup sheets.

Process Documents
Process Documents

  • Revision Controlled "Setup Sheets"
  • Enhanced by Knowledge Center with Revolution IIoT™
  • Store and automatically categorize images, documents, and more.
  • Integration Platform

  • Capture "Tribal Knowledge"
  • Adhere to quality standards with revisions
    • Configurable Approval System
    • Configurable Access
  • Make shop floor life easier with integrated automations with ERP/MRP

Revolution Process Documentation™ was built with many years of first-hand experience both writing and utilizing shop-floor documents. We've focused on searchability, editability, and environment impact. Other, similar products are great for simple, repeatable processes; our applications are designed for the "job shop" environment where you may never see this part again. Revolution Process Documentation allows users to minimally input procedural instructions and improve them over time.

"We’re solving problems by making raw machine data relevant for engineers, machinists, programmers, maintenance personnel, and leadership." John Murphy, Chief Technology Officer of True Analytics Manufacturing Solutions


That create a better outcome

Custom Integrations

Connect your disparate systems into one centralized solution.


Augment and automate our solutions by connecting your ERP or MRP systems.

Tool Management

Report on usage and costs when you connect your shop's tool management system.


Improve communications, troubleshooting, and analysis of programming when coupled with CAD/CAM.

Machine Data

Recognize the full potential of your machine tools with the Big Data of Industry 4.0


Improve quality visibility with full feedback capabilities.

Be the Shop-floor Hero!

Some of our customers feel like they have super powers now, enabled by data. It's true what they say, knowledge is power. With True Analytics Manufacturing Solutions, you can unlock the true potential in your employees and shop.